5 engaging topics for your social media posts


The number one thing I often get asked is “what should I post on social media”? If you have this same question, know that you are not alone, this is a huge struggle for so many entrepreneurs who are trying to navigate the crazy social media world. Here are 5 engaging topics to help you fill up your content calendar!


1. Highlight your work

This is probably obvious, but people are following you to see your work. Don’t be afraid to share your best content with your followers and start to position yourself as an expert in your field by reminding people that your work is top notch. When your followers need these services you are their go-to because your work is front of mind!

2. Get personal

Social media is a great place to build connections with your audience. Many people think that they can only post about their business, but by not getting personal with your audience you are missing out on building valuable connections. By sharing your likes, dislikes, wins, hardships, favorite things, people are going to relate on a deeper level. As the saying goes, people buy from people and social media is a great place to share a bit of your story and allow people to connect with you instead of just your business.

3.Behind the scenes

Share a bit of your workflow, office life and processes. People love to see the magic behind the scenes that really helps them get to know you and your business a bit better. Create a story to help potential clients visualize what it would be like if they were to work with you, and show them how much hard work you pour into each project!

4. Client Spotlight

Build a deeper connection with current clients by highlighting their testimonials, sharing their weddings, or just a story about how much you have enjoyed working with them. This not only makes those clients feel special but also makes potential clients want to work with you even more!

5. Blog topics

You worked hard putting your blog together, why not share fun snippets from your latest post? Pick some of your best content to share to spark the interest of your followers to go check out the rest of the post driving more traffic to your site, a win-win!


Hope these ideas help get the creative juices flowing! What other areas of your business would make for engaging topics? Start brainstorming and before you know it, your social profiles will be overflowing with amazing content that your followers can’t get enough of!

Excited to start making social media work for you and your business but still a bit sure about where to begin or how to implement it in your schedule? Learn more about my services or get in touch to learn more about how I can help step up your social media game!

  1. Buddy says:

    Excellent value driven article here. Tons of information. Appreciate it.

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