How to talk about your business on Instagram

Ever wonder how you can bring up your business in a way that actually makes people excited? Ever wonder how you can get people to engage with your content while at the same time educating them about what you do and how you can help them? The key: talk about your business without talking ABOUT your business!

There are thousands of people selling their products and services on Instagram today. Instagram users are scrolling right past posts that come across too “sales-y” or overly promotional. Coming right out and talking about your services is like being at a party and introducing your business before you even mention your name. People are not using Instagram to be sold to, so as business owners, we have to get more strategic and sophisticated with our marketing strategies!

Here are my top two ways to start talking about your business on Instagram in a way that feels natural and leads to more and engagement and ultimately more clients!

Lead with value then talk about your business

Take a look at the people you follow on Instagram. Why do you follow them? Chances are they provide you with some sort of value.

Think about who your ideal client is. What type of content can you create that can best serve them? Creating content that provides value is going to be the best way to connect with your customers and begin to build the Know, Like and Trust factor. Content that teaches, motivates or builds personal connection is amazing at doing this!

After you have led with value in your post, tie it back to your services. Talk about how you use the specific tool you mentioned in your business and with your clients. Mention how you love helping your clients build workflows in their business and what type of results they have been seeing.

Lastly, If you want to continue the conversation (which you should) be sure to add a call to action at the end! This can include something like “send me a DM if you want to learn more” or “comment below with any questions”.

Create a story that relates to your business 

Instagram, at its core, is a storytelling platform. One of the most powerful ways to talk about your business is through a story. For example, think about what your ideal client would want to stop and read about, what would they relate to? If your ideal client works remotely, you could share about the coffee shop you love working at and mention what you are working on as a way to talk about your services.

Another great way is to think about what your ideal client would be interested in. If your ideal client is an entrepreneur, they most likely listen to podcasts. Sharing the latest podcast episode you listened to will likely resonate with your ideal client and inspire engagement on your post leading to a deeper conversation.

Creating stories that your ideal clients can relate to is what helps boost genuine engagement and fosters real relationships.

As always, I hope this was helpful! To catch the LIVE video training, be sure to head over to my free Facebook group the VA Visionaries. Each week I host a live training on Instagram and business topics and answer any questions you may have! Head on over and join us in the group- I can’t wait to see you there!

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