5 Steps to turn your Instagram followers into clients

I hate to break it to you but crossing your fingers and hoping and praying that a new client will magically appear is not a strategy!

If you want consistent leads, clients and income for your business you need to create a system that makes it happen.

Now for the good news – Instagram easily allows you to set up this type of system for your business!

There are 5 easy steps for a killer Instagram strategy that helps you start generating the clients you want for your business!

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STEP ONE: Master your mindset

You can have all the strategies in the world but if you have a bad mindset, you are hitting the break on a parked car. Break through your mental blocks of getting on video, putting yourself and your business out into the world and work through your blocks around sales and you will start seeing so much more success!

STEP TWO: Foundations

Get super clear on who your account is serving! Know your ideal client and create the content that they want to see! When you know who you account is for, you can craft it so that your ideal client will land on your profile and feel like your account was tailor made for them making a killer first impression.


Start creating value based content that leaves your followers craving more! Decide on what your brand message is and how you are going to provide value to your followers. Are you going to provide inspirational content, educational content, are you going to connect with them and entertain? What is the goal with your content, get clear with that first!

STEP FOUR: Engagement

Start building relationships! Connection and trust is currency on the internet! Start by liking and commenting on new accounts. Leave genuine and thoughtful comments that show you took the time to really read their caption. Keep engaging and when you are ready to take it to the next level, send a friendly DM and really start building a real relationship!


Set up a system for turning a passive follower into a paying client! There are so many different ways to do this (strong call to actions, DM sales strategy, email sequences, etc.) The point is there is more to just posting on your feed, you need to have a strategy for how to get your actually sell to your followers in a genuine and authentic way that feels good for both you and your potential client!

Want to dive deeper and learn how exactly how to turn your Instagram into a well-oiled client signing machine?

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