Why knowing your niche is important for Instagram

If you are a virtual assistant or even a small business owner- you have probably heard that you should “know your niche” or “niche down”. Knowing your niche or finding a smaller audience to serve can be really helpful for starting your business but it is also super important for Instagram!

Here are three reasons why I believe knowing your niche is important for Instagram:

1. Creating content is easier

Once you know your niche, you know who you are creating content for. When you begin creating content with one ideal client in mind, suddenly you are not trying to please everyone, you are just trying to serve one person, and that is much easier.

When you understand what your ideal client is struggling with and what their pain-points are, it is super easy to come up with content that serves them and provides value. Win-win!

2. Builds authority

You may have heard the phrase “when you try to be help everyone, you end up helping no one”. This is especially true for Instagram. When you are creating generic content, people tend to pass your content by because you are not speaking to them. When you start to niche down and really get specific about the audicence you are tyring to serve, suddenly people stop scrolling past your contnet becuase it starts to catch their eye because it feels like you are talking directly to them.

People will begin to spend more time engaging with your content when it feels like it is tailor made for them and this will start to position you as an authority in your field. The more you niche down, the less competition you will be facing and the more connected your audience will feel to you.

3. Helps you target other accounts to engage with on Instagram

I often get asked “who should I be engaging with”? When it comes to Instagram, knowing your niche is super important for engagement. As you probably know, you should be spending the majority of your time engaging with different accounts, but it can be hard to know WHICH accounts exactly.

When you know your niche, you will know which hashtags your ideal follower is likely to be using and which other accounts they are engaging with, and this will help you to find them and engage with them further.

If you are looking for more Instagram tips, join me over in my Facebook group for weekly live trainings and an awesome community of Virtual Assistants working on creating their dream businesses. Join the group here!

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