Why IG stories should be part of your Instagram strategy

I am sure you have heard all the buzz about Instagram stories being all the rage these days. I am here to confirm these stories! If you are not using Instagram stories you are missing out on a HUGE opportunity to reach and connect with your dream clients. These are just three of the biggest reasons why you should be upping your IG stories game!

People are watching IG stories more than ever

More and more people are watching Instagram stories as compared to scrolling through their feed. So you could be creating the greatest IG posts but if your followers are not scrolling through their feeds, they more than likely are not seeing it! If you are not showing up in stories, you are missing out on huge opportunities to connect with your audience.

Show off your personality

Instagram users are searching for more authentic relationships! Gone are the days when perfectly curated feeds and “picture perfect” stories were enough to win over followers. Your audience is looking for genuine and authentic connections. Showing up off the cuff on IG stories, sharing the behind the scenes of your business and just an insight into your persoanl life is what is going to quickly build those REAL connections!

Easily take it to the DM’s

Since IG stories showcase more relatable content, your audience is more than likely going to relate and want to react and engage with you! By asking simple questions using the poll or question sticker, you can quickly reach out to anyone who answers and strike up a genuine conversation in the DM’s! These conversations could turn into a paying client down the road!

At the end of the day, Instagram is about building connections and Instagram stories is a great way to showcase your authentic self and start to give your audience ways to connect with you! 

If you are looking to take your Instagram stories game to the next level, come join my 1:1 coaching program! Over the course of 8 weeks, we will not only take your IG stories game to the next level but you will have a clear plan and strategy to start connecting with your dream clients! Apply for your free discovery call today!

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