The top 3 Instagram tools that I use daily

There are so many Instagram tools out there that it can be easy to get overwhelmed when knowing which ones are best. I often get asked which tools I use in my own business that I have found to work the best. Today, I am sharing my top 3 Instagram tools that I use in my business daily to make using Instagram even easier!

1. Planoly*

If you are a business owner who creates a lot of content for Instagram, using a scheduling app is going to be the first Instagram tool that you are going to want to start with! Using a scheduling app like Planoly* allows you to schedule your Instagram posts in advance as well as plan out how your grid is going to look.

If you are using your Instagram to build your personal brand, having a cohesive looking feed is going to be important! Being able to shift photos around in your grid is going to help you create a beautiful aesthetic to your IG account.

The other amazing perk is that you can write out all of your captions in advance. Have you ever had days where content flows super easily and others you experience massive writers block? Take advantage of those super creative days and write out all your content in advance.

If you are a super busy business owner, the last thing you want to happen is to forget to actually post the content you created. With Planoly, you can set your posts to auto-post for you so you never have to miss another day of posting because it slipped your mind!

Side note on auto-posting- I always recommend being active on IG when you are posting if possible. Auto-posting is a great way to never miss a post being pushed out, but being active and engaging with the comments on your post is still super important.

2. Lightroom mobile

Another amazing Instagram tool is Lightroom mobile. This free app allows you to really customize your editing style for your photos. There are plenty of other apps out ther that offer premade filters, but I have yet to find one that I love as much as my own personal edits.

Lightroom allows you to adjust so many different aspects of your photos so that you can really create a cohesive look across all of your photos. We all know that having a feed full of high-quality photos is important, so using Lightroom really helps make all of your Iphone photos look amazing!

The great part about Lightroom is that once you have created an edit that you love, you can save the edits as a preset and apply them to other photos as well! This makes editing super easy!

3. Canva

First of all, Canva is amazing for SO many reasons, but as an Instagram tool, it is incredible for Instagram stories! I love creating custom IG story templates that I can easily edit as needed. You can create beautifully branded story templates that look super professional and make your audience want to keep watching and engage with you!

So there you have it, my top three favorite Instagram tools! I hope this helps make your “Instagramming” just a bit easier!

If you are looking for more Instagram tips and tricks, make sure to join my Free Facebook group, VA Visionaries! Inside you will find live trainings and a community of amazing female entrepreneurs that are dreaming up their biggest goals and making them a reality! Come join the party!

*Affiliate Disclosure – some of the links above are affiliate links, meaning, that at no expense to you if you choose to make a purchase I will earn a commision.

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