Have you mastered your Instagram mindset?

Like most things in life, success on Instagram depends on your mindset. If you are struggling with these mindset blocks, you may be delaying your success on Instagram! Here are the biggest mindset blocks I see entrepreneurs face when it comes to their Instagram mindset and how to overcome them and start crushing it on the ‘gram!

Fear of judgment

You want to be liked- I get it! We are human and we want others to like us and we want to live in a judgment free bubble. Let me let you in on a little secret, people are going to judge you no matter what you do, good or bad. The question is, are you going to let the fear of what others think of you stop you from doing what you love, pursuing your dreams and showing up and helping others? I sure hope not! 

When I first started my IG account I didn’t want any of my friends or family to see it. I was nervous of what they might say, that they might judge me for trying something new…but most of all I was scared that they would say “who is she to start this business”. I was worried that they would call me out and confirm the imposter syndrome I was already feeling.

The truth was, when I started showing up and not worrying what others thought, people started to respond in the way I wanted. I started getting incredible feedback from my audience and most of all, my friends and family saw how serious I was about my business and started to take me as seriously as I was taking my social media presence!

Sometimes you just have to show up unapologetically and that will lead to the response you want. And if you still have haters, that’s what the block button is for!

Not wanting to show up on video

Are you the person who cringes when they see themselves on camera or hear a recording of their voice? You are not alone, I struggled with this and so do SO MANY other people!

However, video is one of the absolute BEST ways to create connections with your audience and quickly start to build your know.like/turst factor! If you are ready to stop playing small with your audience and your business, it is time to start showing up. Show up messy, show up as you are, show up authentically. Don’t overthink it, just show up and see what happens. I promise you the results will be worth it even when it feels scary at first! Practice makes perfect, especially when it comes to video.

Thinking no one cares about your content

This one is big one. But you have to remember, you have something important to share. I know you do, or else you probably would not have made it this far on this post! You have knowledge, opinions and a personal story that is WORTHY of sharing. 

Your audience is just waiting to connect with you, start putting yourself out there and connect with those who are dying to hear from you! I promise that there are people that care!

Feeling that you’re only successful based on “vanity metrics”

More “likes” won’t pay your bills! If you are focusing on the number of likes and followers, you are focusing on the wrong things! Instead, focus on building connections with your audience. Connections and strong relationships are what is going to build your business and lead to more sales in the future. People buy from people they know, like and trust so focus on creating killer content and real relationships and stop stressing about those “Vanity” metrics. When you start focusing on the RIGHT things, you will start seeing more of the results you want.

Believing Instagram won’t work for you

If you have been on Instagram but not seeing the results you want, have you started to tell yourself that maybe it just won’t work for you? What you believe about Instagram is what you attract more of. If you believe it is hard and won’t work, well guess what. It will be hard and won’t work!

It is time we change that mindset! There is probably a good chance that if you have seen the results you want from IG that you have not been implementing the proper strategy. There is a method to growing your business on Instagram and it takes a proper strategy. If you are ready to stop spinning your wheels and wandering why you are not seeing results, get on the waitlist for The ‘Gram Guide where we will break down the IG roadmap for success. Be the first to get notified when we open up for enrollment!

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