How many followers you ACTUALLY need to be successful on Instagram

I see you over there! Comparing your Instagram account to others with hundreds of thousands of followers and wondering when you will be as “successful” as them. Those people have SO. MANY. FOLLOWERS. They must be making TONS of money, right? Not necessarily.

The number of followers you have on Instagram does not directly correlate with your success and earnings. There are plenty of accounts that are earning nothing. There are also smaller accounts that are wildly successful!

So if this is the case, then how many followers do you need to actually be successful?

The number does not matter!

The number of followers you have does not matter. We have all become so obsessed with the “vanity metrics” on Instagram such as likes, comments and followers that we have lost track of what really matters on Instagram which is engagement! Wouldn’t you rather have 100 highly engaged, highly targeted followers who are DYING to work with you rather than 1k followers who are unengaged, not your ideal clients and don’t want what your selling?

The answer is easy, I would take the 100 engaged followers any day!

So what should you be focusing on?

Building solid relationships with your audience is what drives sales! Focusing on your engagement and relationship building is going to actually move your business forward. So you can breathe a sigh or relief that you can stop stressing about the number of followers and take all of that energy and put it towards engaging with your audience. Get to know them, find out what they are struggling with and how you can best serve them and then provide so much value that they can’t wait to work with you!

Final thoughts

Don’t get bogged down by the follower and like counts, they are not paying your bills! While you obviously need to have some sort of audience to speak and sell to, the number of followers you need to be successful on Instagram is not nearly as large as you may think! Focus on building those relationships and nurturing your audience and watch as that pays off tenfold down the line!

If you are looking for an easy step-by-step guide to how to begin building relationships with your audience, snag my ultimate engagement guide here!

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