How to work online in 2023

How to work online as a social media manager

Is 2023 the year you start your own online business? If you want to learn how to work online and start your own social media management business, you are in the right place. Social media management is a great way to start working remotely while giving you the ability to travel the world. Here are the steps you need to take to get started.

1. Start learning social media skills

This is a perfect time to start upleveling your social media marketing skills. Learn profitable skills that you can package up and offer to paying clients. This includes things like caption writing, graphic design, scheduling tools, social media marketing strategy, and more. There are tons of ways to learn these skills. Read blogs, watch videos, take courses or hire a coach. Once you have mastered your skills, create a social media management package that you can offer to clients.

Set up your social media accounts for your business

Now that you have your skills and packages ready to go, it’s time to set up your social media accounts. I recommend starting with an Instagram account specifically for your new business. Start creating content designed for your ideal customer. Be consistent with your content creation and start engaging with your audience.

Create a portfolio

When a potential client reaches out to work with you, they are likely going to want to see examples of your work. Create a simple portfolio in Canva, there are tons of templates available. If you have not worked with any clients yet, you can use the content you have created for yourself or create some example content.

5. Begin reaching out to potential clients

If you want one of the biggest secrets to how to work online and be successful is this: get comfortable reaching out to potential clients. This looks like reaching out to people on Instagram, responding to job posts on Facebook pages, etc. Start reaching out to 30 new people per day and letting people know about your business and what services you can offer them.

How to work online as a social media manager

If you are ready to start your online social media management business and start working while traveling the world, book a free strategy session today! We will map out your plan to get your business up and running in the next 3 months!

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