3 Types of content that grow your audience

There are three essential types of content that you need to be creating when you are working to grow your audience and income online!

PRO-TIP: Start with one type of content/platform, and slowly add more into your overall marketing machine!

1️⃣ Searchable content 

Podcast, Blog, Youtube

Having your content on a platform that lets users search for answers to their questions is a great way to get found by your ideal clients! Add this type of content to Pinterest, and you are going to be unstoppable!

2️⃣ Social Media Content 

Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, TikTok

Obviously, having a social media presence is essential for your business growth! Letting your audience connect with you on a personal level AND get valuable content is the key to success! Social media helps you get quick visibility and helps you start growing your audience for free from day one!

3️⃣ Collaborations 

Summits, freebie swaps, IG takeovers, guest speaking, Joint-venture webinars

Collaborations are amazing, and can help you grow your audience and authority fast! Partnering up with someone in your industry and sharing your expertise with their audience will help you get in front of a targeted audience and can really help you start gaining some momentum for your business. They key to collaboration are to make sure that the collab is benefiting both you and the person you are working with and that you are always brining tons of VALUE to their audience!

✨ REMEMBER, you do not need to start working on all of these strategies today! Pick one, master it and slowly add in others.

There is no point of adding a platform if you are not going to commit to being consistent with it and doing it well.

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Instagram masterclass
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