How to Create Your High Converting Content Funnel

Are you creating tons of content day in and day out, but your business never gains any traction? I hear ya! I am sure you’ve heard the phrase “content is king” but the truth is, content is only king if it is actually making you money – right? You have probably heard that the best way to market your business is to just create more content. However, you are doing that and it still isn’t working, so what gives? The answer: you don’t have a high converting content funnel in place!

What is a content funnel?

A content funnel is the way a reader/follower moves through your sales funnel by way of your content.

For example, someone may stumble across an Instagram post of yours. The post has the call to action to click the link in your bio to download your freebie. They are now on your email list and you are able to then send them a series of emails in which you pitch your offer/product. They have received so much value from your content, they feel a sense of know/like/trust with you now and they are ready to buy!

That is how you get your content to work for you!

What are the different steps in a content funnel?

The goal of your content funnel should always be to turn a reader/follower into an email subscriber. Getting people onto your email list is always your number one goal, because that is a platform you own (we don’t own our social media followers). 

So, your content should be working to build your email list.

There are then two types of content that you need to be creating in order to build your email list: Social and Searchable.

Social media content is simply just posts on social media, for example, Instagram posts, and Facebook posts. These types of posts don’t have a very long shelf-life. They typical life of an Instagram post is about 2-3 days tops before it disappears into the feed and doesn’t get much attention.

Social media posts are super important for building trust with your followers, gaining a connection and driving traffic to specific time-sensitive offers. This is mostly content that your audience will stumble upon without specially looking for it.

The other type of content is searchable content. Examples of this type of content are blog posts, YouTube videos and Podcast episodes. Content that lives on these search engine platforms (Google, Pinterest, Youtube, iTunes) can be found using a search. Users who are looking to solve specific problems will search for the answer and your content will provide them the solution.

This type of content is great because it will have a longer shelf-life and can continue to be promoted and seen long after it is posted as people continue to search for answers.

When you have both social and searchable content working together to grow your email list, you content funnel really begins to take off!

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