5 CTA’s for more engagement on Instagram

Need a boost of visibility and engagement on Instagram? Here are 5 CTA’s (call to action) that will help you get more engagement on Instagram.

Engagement and Visibility are BFF’s on Instagram!

You need both engagement and visibility on Instagram you are wanting to grow!
🔁The more engagement you get, the more visible you are in the algorithm!
🔁And the more visible you are, typically the more engagement you will get!
So how do you get a boost in engagement?
ADD CTA’s to your post!

Simply by adding a CTA at the end of your post, you are giving your readers a next step to take. This can be as simple as asking them to like your photo or asking them to send you DM.

You want to set the intention for your post and ask yourself:

“Do I want more comments”

“Do I want people sending me DM’s”

“Do I want more reach, and therefore more shares”

Once you have set the goal for your content, you can then choose your CTA accordingly.

Here are 5 engagement boosting CTA’s you can use on your next Instagram posts!

  1. “Double tap if”….this will help you get more likes on your post
  2. “Agree or Disagree? Comment below”….this will help you get more comments
  3. “Share this post with a friend”….this will get you more shares
  4. “Save this post”…add this for a boost in saves
  5. “DM me with any questions”….Get more people sending you direct messages!

Remember, you first want to focus on engagement and building connections with your audience. Once you have your audience engaging with your posts, you will have much better results when you go to pitch your offers and services!

Ready to put these CTA’s into action? Watch the FREE training for how to make more sales on Instagram with higher converting content!

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