Building your dream business from day one

Welcome to the Virtual Visionary Podcast! Today we are chatting about how to build your dream business that fits your lifestyle.

There is no point in starting a business that doesn’t fit your vision for your life or support your dreams. We are brainstorming how to set that vision from the beginning to make sure you are designing your dream business from the start.

What we covered in this episode:

The big mistake I made when I first started my business

Identifying what your goals and vision are for your business long term

How to take the action needed to make your dream business a reality

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Welcome back to the second episode of the Virtual Visionary podcast, I’m your host Kara Cahill. Thanks for tuning back in, I hope you enjoyed the first episode. I am still getting the hang of this whole podcasting thing so thank you for sticking with me, we are on this journey together!

today, I wanted to keep the same type of theme about how to create this business of your dreams, right? This is something a lot of people talk about in theory, but once you start putting it into action, sometimes your dreams get lost and your business starts to take shape and morph into something that isn’t exactly what you wanted.  For example,  I mentioned in the first episode that when I first decided to start my business, my main goal was really just to create a business that allowed me to travel and work from anywhere. If I could work from my laptop and find wi-fi I would be happy….or so I thought.

So when I started, like many entrepreneurs, I found something I was good at, which at the time was social media management, and I decided to start managing clients accounts as a social media manager. Which was amazing! I kept getting asked by people to help them, I kept seeing job postings for people needing social media managers, so the path of least resistance for me to get started with this dream of working online was to start a social media management business. Which is what I was able to quickly start and which allowed me to leave my 9-5 job…which was amazing. I was thrilled, I was so happy I got to work in my pjs from my bed or my couch, and take my work with me when I went on a family cruise and took a trip to greece. It was the dream. 

However, I quickly realized that I was getting bogged down with client work. I realized that I had clients sending me emails at all hours, I had picky clients who were super high maintenance about their social media posts, and I remember thinking, oh crap…I don’t actually enjoy this, I feel like I have created another job for myself where I am now just glued to my computer all the time completely stressed out about client work. And of course, there were things that I could have done to make the situation better…but deep down I knew this wasn’t what I envisioned long term.

So, I knew I was getting closer to my dream, but I knew i wasn’t quite there yet. So I tried on a bunch of different things, coaching, consulting, starting an agency…but this time I stopped and took the time to poke holes into each of those ideas before just jumping in head first. And I know for a lot of us and I know especially for myself, I was so desperate to leave my 9-5 job that I was happy with anything that would allow me to get out, so I took the leap head first without thinking everything through. So if you are thinking about starting your business, my biggest tip is to think about what you want your lifestyle to look like and then find a way to build a business around that.

So some questions you can ask yourself might be, what does your ideal day look like? Do you wake up and get to work, do you answer client emails, do you have a big team to check in with, do you want to spend time with your kids, do you want to make sure that you have time to travel or enjoy the destination you are at? Those are all very real things to think about.

Also ask, what types of things do you enjoy doing? Do you like the fulfillment, or do you like the behind the scenes work. Do You want to create a business that allows you to make passive income, or do you want to have a business that allows you to live launch a few times a year. Think about because I didn’t and I started doing things that I didn’t necessarily enjoy doing long term.

So take some time to maybe think about these things, journal it out, write down what your ideal day would look like, think about how much you want to be working and what you enjoy doing.

I know that this can sometimes feel weird because we are not often asked what we enjoy doing, we usually think that we have to work doing things we dont enjoy in order to make money but that is not how virtual visionaries think about their business. Virtual visionaries know that they are building a business that is outside the norm, a business that is unique to their lifestyle…and yes, it may not seem possible at the moment, but that is the job entrepreneurs take on, is finding a way to make things that don’t currently exist and make them a reality. So you have the power to do that in your own business. 

That doesn’t mean it is going to be easy and that you are never going to do things you don’t like…but the goal is always to focus on that bigger vision, the dream life and business and take the actions everyday that will eventually get you there.

So I will leave you with that, a lot to think about today! Have fun with it and if you enjoyed this episode make sure to take a screenshot of you listening and tag me on Instagram @kara_cahill so that I can give you a shoutout! 

Thanks again for tuning in and I will see you in the next episode.


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