July 30, 2021

You are more than your metrics There are so many metrics that we measure as business owners. We measure our follower count, our website views, email list size,  our likes and comments, and the list goes on and on. It is important to remember to take a step back and remind yourself that you are […]


March 23, 2021

Are you posting “everywhere” but your business is not actually growing? I am debunking the myth that posting on more platforms is the secret to success online, and I am giving you a much easier plan for faster growth and bigger results in your online business! What we covered in this episode: – Why posting […]


March 16, 2021

Do you need to start an email list but you have no idea where to begin? In today’s episode of the Virtual Visionary Podcast, I am sharing the 3 simple steps to get your email list up and running so you can start growing your most profitable business asset, your email list! What we covered […]


March 9, 2021

Are you tired of creating content for Instagram only to get zero engagement, and no new leads or sales for your online business? I have been there! That is why today I am sharing the 4 types of content that you need to be creating in order to start getting results on Instagram and social […]


March 2, 2021

Have you been thinking about adding digital products to your business but you are not quite sure if it is the right move? Are you capped out with your “done for you” services and are looking for a way to grow your income and impact? We are talking all about why adding a digital offer […]


February 23, 2021

Today, I am answering one of the most common questions I get asked, which is “How often should you post on Instagram each week?”. Find out in this week’s episode. What we covered in this episode: – Why you don’t need to post as frequently as you might think – Why posting too much might […]


February 16, 2021

Today we are talking about why a Boss Babe Instagram Bio is so essential for your business and the 4 things your bio needs to convert new followers into email subscribers and buyers for your online business. What we covered in this episode: – Why your Instagram bio is so important – How to understand […]


February 11, 2021

Today on the Virtual Visionary Podcast, we are answering the question “what the heck is an Instagram sales funnel?” If you have been wanting to set up a sales funnel for your business, this episode is for you! What we covered in this episode: -What the heck is a sales funnel -Why you need a […]


February 11, 2021

Today on the Virtual Visionary Podcast, we are looking at why your online business needs an email list and how you can start and grow your email list from day one! What we covered in this episode: -Why your online business needs an email list from day one -Why Instagram and social media isn’t enough […]


January 30, 2021

Welcome back to the Virtual Visionary podcast, I am so excited for today’s episode because we are getting back to basics and really setting a solid foundation for your Instagram Strategy. This is so important because oftentimes people are so excited to start their accounts and get their business going and start gaining followers that […]


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