The two things you must have if you want to make sales online

The two things you must have if you want to make sales online

When it comes to making sales online, you need to have your automated sales system in place to turn leads into buyers.


Welcome back to another episode of the Virtual Visionary Podcast! I’m your host, Kara Cahill, and today we are looking at the two things you need to have in order to make sales online.

So, as you probably know, I am obsessed with online marketing and online sales because I truly believe that making money online is the best way to give you freedom in your life. If you are able to learn the skills to sell your offers and products online with an automated process, that is the ticket out of that soul-sucking 9 to 5 job and the key to having freedom to work from anywhere and make money doing what you love!

I am super passionate about helping people create sales and marketing strategies that give them that freedom in the form of sales for their business.

If I were to ask you right now – how would you go about trying to sell a new offer? Let’s say you have a new idea for an online course and you want to sell it, what would your first step be? 

Most people would quickly begin creating content for Instagram, start doing all the marketing and talking all about their offer on their social media platforms.

That is typically how most people go about trying to make sales online. They just begin creating tons of content and they end up not generating any leads or sales and they quickly get frustrated and assume that their offer or product isn’t good when that isn’t necessarily the case at all. 

The product might be amazing – but if there is no online sales system in place to convert people into customers, you won’t generate sales.

You see, when you just start creating content and posting content and then hoping that people will just go buy your product, that’s like asking someone on a first date and proposing marriage when the night is over. Too much too soon!

You have to build that trust and relationship before committing.

The same goes for sales. The first step in the online sales process is to attract attention, which is what you are doing when you put out content on social media – drawing attention to yourself and your offers. However, the next step in the sales process is when someone shows interest in what you are selling and wants to learn more.

They are not quite ready to buy yet, but they are ready to keep hearing from you because you have peaked their interest and now they are curious.

So what you want to do is have a sales funnel set up to capture this person’s information so that you can keep in contact with them because they have shown that they are interested in learning more. 

They may not be ready for a paid commitment yet, but they are ready for the free resource you have. And when they download that free resource, they enter your sales funnel where you can keep in contact with them, keep reminding them about your offers, keep giving them value – and when the time is right you are there and ready for them to buy from you.

That online sales funnel is like the net that catches all the people who are interested in what you are selling but the timing is not quite right at the moment.

When someone opts-in for your free lead magnet they are raising their hand saying I have a problem, I know you can solve it and I am ready to learn more about how you can help me. 

That is HUGE!

So yes, having content is super important because the content is what creates awareness, but your sales funnel is what actually converts your leads into buyers. You need both awareness AND buyers if you want to create a reliable online income for your business.

So before you create your next piece of Instagram content, make sure you have your sales funnel set up and ready to start converting followers into buyers for your business!

If you still need help getting your funnel up and running, make sure to watch my free masterclass where I walk you step by step through my process of creating an Instagram sales funnel and how to fuel it with endless leads for your business! Head to to watch the free on-demand training! When you’re done, send me a dm on Instagram and let me know what your biggest takeaway was, I’m @kara_cahill on Instagram.

Thanks so much for tuning in this week, I will talk to you soon! 


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