Best Coffee Shops in Tampa to work from

Best Coffee Shops in Tampa

Looking for some of the best coffee shops in Tampa? Look no further! As a Tampa native, I’ve got you covered. Whether you are looking to unwind with a great cup of joe, or you are looking for a spot to work remotely or study, these are the top coffee shops in Tampa.

Buddy Brew

Buddy Brew Coffee shops in Tampa

Buddy Brew is easily my favorite coffee shop in Tampa. They have several locations throughout South Tampa and all of them serve up the most delicious coffee, hands down! My go-to is an iced caramel latte, and it never disappoints! My favorite location to work remotely from is their Bay to Bay location. It is super spacious, and quiet during the week. They also have a great outside seating area when the weather is nice and you want to sit outside and work. 10/10 recommend checking out one of their locations!

Lady and the Mug

Lady and the Mug in Tampa

Located near The University of Tampa, this trendy spot is perfect if you want to snap a photo for Instagram! They have unique decor, great indoor-outdoor seating, great drinks, and easy parking in the parking garage. Everything about this place is super trendy, and it is a great place for co-working since it can be a little more hustle and bustle. My go-to is their iced Chai Tea Latte – not to be missed!


Okay, so this one isn’t exactly in Tampa, but it is definitely worth a visit if you are in the downtown St. Pete area! Located just a few blocks away from the Pier, Cafe Paradeco is an adorable coffee shop that transports you to a cute cafe in Bali. With the pink and teal vibes and their plant wall, this place is definitely a fun place to get some work done while getting your caffeine fix!

Oxford Exchange

Oxford Exchange - Best coffee shop in Tampa

So, I could write an entire post on the Oxford exchange, and I probably will! But if you are in Tampa and need a mid-day to hang out, this is your place! Oxford Exchange is a book store, restaurant, coffee shop, and co-working space all wrapped into one. If you are wanting to experience the ambiance of Oxford while enjoying the perfection of a cup of Buddy Brew Coffee, you are in the right place because they serve Buddy Brew Coffee. So grab a cup, and find a spot on one of their very cute couches to simply relax, people, watch, snap a pic for Insta or get some work done on your laptop!

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