The Remote Work Roadmap

Today, I am super excited to share something that I have been working on putting together for a while now, which is the Remote Work Roadmap! This is your guide to help you get started on your remote work journey!

If you have been tuning in for a while now, you know that there have been some exciting changes happening around here. I have been switching directions a bit. From helping people specifically with their Instagram marketing to now focusing on helping people who want to work remotely and travel, start online businesses that allow them to travel more. I truly believe that entrepreneurship and online business is the key to more freedom. And it gives you the ability to travel more because being able to bring your work with you, bring your phone and laptop with you and work from anywhere with wifi is truly a game-changer. 

It has been a game-changer for me in my life. And now that things with travel are starting to get back to normal, I want to really focus on helping people start their online business and remote work journey so that when they decide to travel and travel gets back to normal, that you those who want to work remotely are ready!

And that is exactly why I created the free remote work roadmap!

Remote work roadmap

This is a guide to help you get started on your remote work journey. Decide what is going to be the best path for you. And what steps you need to get started, along with some amazing resources as well. Head to

So today, I wanted this episode to help you go even deeper once you download the roadmap, so once you download it, again you can grab it at

Once you have it, you will see that there are three main steps that I walk you through. When you are deciding that you want to work remotely, it can feel really fun and exciting at first. But then it can quickly start to feel overwhelming. So this is exactly why I broke it down into these three foundational steps.

I remember when I first decided I wanted to work remotely. I had no idea where to begin, and I quickly started googling every different option, reading every blog post tip and it gets overwhelming super quickly. Especially if you don’t have these three foundational pieces in place.

The Remote Work Roadmap

#1 is understanding your WHY.

And I know this might sound silly to even ask the question, why do you want to work remotely? Well because it’s awesome and I hate my 9-5 job, right? And yes, that might be true. But when you decide to work online, this is most likely a big transition, and with big transitions like this come big learning curves, obstacles, let downs, failures, trial and error, and so on.

So the real question is – what is the real reason that you want to work online that is going to keep you motivated when things don’t work out perfectly from the get-go. You really want to know why you are putting all this effort in to make this life change, this career change, because, trust me there are going to be some days that you get frustrated, and want to give up and you say – oh maybe it’s easier to go get another 9-5 job.

If you are clear on the why behind making this shift, that will keep you motivated and focused even when times get tough.

Now to discover the REAL WHY, not just the I hate my job and working from a beach would be cool, here are a few questions you can ask.

Why do you want a remote career? Do you want to travel more, do you want more time with your friends and family, do you want to work in a different country, are you needing more flexibility and less stress. What are some of those big reasons?

Next, you can dive a little deeper, how would your life look different if you could work remotely? What would your perfect workday look like? When would you wake up? How would you start your day? When would you take breaks? How long would you work? What days would you be working? How would you FEEL when you started working? Would you feel inspired, would you feel excited? Where would you choose to work? From a home office, your couch, a coffee shop, an airport. The sky is the limit. 

Then after you start thinking about all of that, hopefully, your mind starts swirling with possibilities, and then if you are journeying all of this down, I want you to write out what you are envisioning for your remote work life. What would your life look like each day, each week, each month? What goals are you wanting to focus on, what dreams would you be able to accomplish if you could have this fulfilling location independent career? Journal it all out.

And save this for later. Hopefully you dreamed big and this is really inspiring you and getting you super motivated, so that when you hit a snag or a road bump in the future, you can come back to this and say, okay, this is why I am putting in this effort to start this remote career, this is why I am working so hard on this, this is what will make it worth it when it all works out!

So that’s the first step, getting super clear on your why!

Now, the second step is to decide on your remote path! 

This is where you want to decide what type of remote job and career is going to be the best fit for your lifestyle and your vision.

The good news is, there are so many different options for remote work nowadays, that you can really find something that is going to make the most sense for you.

Now in the last episode, I went in-depth on the main three options for remote work and kinda broke down the pros and cons of each of those, so you can go take a listen to that. The episode was called How to work remote and travel. But I will do a quick little recap here.

Remote employee

So the first option is becoming a remote employee and securing a remote job. This is where you are working for maybe a large company and you have set hours, you have a set salary and so on. This is really great if you are looking for more security and a bit more stability job-wise, while still having the flexibility to work remotely. The main downside is that you might not get as much flexibility hours wise. And there may be restrictions from where you can work. So just keep that in mind. But it is a great step if you are just wanting to have the option to work a stable job from home.

If you are thinking about a remote job, inside the remote work roadmap, I share a bunch of sites that post remote job opportunities. So make sure to download the guide at 

Freelancer or Contractor

The next option is to start your own business as a freelancer or contractor. A great way to begin making money online and being your own boss is to offer freelance services. As a freelancer, you are responsible for finding your own clients and running your own business. If you are

able to specialize in an in-demand service you can quickly book out your high-ticket services. 

This is how I personally got started when I first started my business. It was the quickest way that I was able to start making money online. There are so many different freelance services you could provide. I share a bunch of ideas inside the roadmap. But basically think about what skills you already have or could quickly learn. Such as social media management, admin, email marketing, virtual assisting, and so on. Then nd package them up and begin promoting them on Instagram!

Digital products/offers

Now the third way that you can work remotely is to sell digital offers/products. This is where you put together an offer that helps your audience get results and sell it on autopilot to make consistent sales in your business. Think coaching, courses, or digital products. This of course may take a little time to get set up. But it is definitely a great option as well.

So that is step two, is to decide which path makes the most sense for you. So really think about your skills and decide what makes the most sense. And also think if you are ready to start your own online business. If not, maybe going the employee route might make more sense. But if you are really ready to build something amazing that you own and are in full control of, I am a huge fan of starting an online business. I really believe that is the best way to get that ultimate freedom lifestyle. 

Now the last and final step on the remote work roadmap is to begin taking action.

You know, dreaming and having this vision is great, but taking action is how you really make it a reality.


So the first thing you can start doing is getting realistic with your finances. If you are thinking about starting this business, quitting your job, or looking for a new job, you need to know how much money you need to be making. This is where it really starts to feel real when you have a concrete number of what you will need to make in order to support your lifestyle.

And maybe, you begin saving so that you have a little cushion as you start your business. Maybe you put a little money aside for a few months. Then start figuring out what services you want to offer or something like that. But when you really start getting into the nitty-gritty of your finances, then you can really say, okay, I am going to need to make $3k a month. If I have a VA package for $1k per month, I will need to get three clients. Then it really starts to get clear about the actions you need to make.

Your offers

And that is what leads me to the next action step which is to decide what you are going to offer. If you are starting your own business and that is the route you decided in step two, you want to get clear about what services or products you are going to offer, and what price you are going to swell that at, and so on. Are there any skills you are going to need to brush up on or are there any products you are going to have to create? Brainstorm and begin finalizing your offers

Your brand and audience

And then the last step is to begin creating your online brand and growing your audience on social media. If you are just starting out, you probably don’t have a ton of people who immediately need your offers or services in your friend circle, which is why you want to begin growing an audience full of customers on social media. I Personally think Instagram is the easiest place to get started. I would start creating content for Instagram and connecting and engaging with your audience. If you need help with the marketing aspect, definitely go check out my free masterclass at and I will walk you through everything you need to get started with marking online.

So to recap, the three steps on the remote work roadmap are #1 understand your why. #2 choose your path. And #3 start taking action and making it feel like a reality.

For all the resources that go along with this episode make sure to download the remote work roadmap. Head to

Hope this helps, and I can’t wait to hear about your remote work journey! Send me a DM on Instagram @kara_cahill and let me know what remote career you are building!! Talk soon!

Remote work roadmap

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