How to become a social media manager

How to become a social media manager

Have you ever wondered how to become a social media manager so you can work online and make money while you travel? Starting a social media management business is one of the BEST and fastest ways to begin making money online. Here are three things to start doing if you want to become a social media manager.

Social media manager starter kit


The first thing you want to do, once you decide you want to start your social media management business is learn everything you can about social media marketing. You want to learn how to create an effective social media strategy. This is what you will use with clients to help them get results. Learning the ins and out’s of different social media platforms will give you an edge.

You also want to begin learning various social media tools. These include things like Planoly, Canva, Google Drive, Video editing apps, etc. You also want to learn the basics of caption writing, graphic design, and video editing for short form videos.


Once you have learned the skills, it’s time to practice. Practice, practice, practice. Create tons of content for your own social media. Test what works and doesn’t work. Create graphics and captions that you can then use in your online portfolio. The more you practice, the quicker your skills will grow.


Once you have learned and practiced your social media management skills, it is time to put yourself out there and begin getting clients. This is often the scariest part, but it is where the rubber meets the road and where you can now put all of your skills and practice into use and actually begin helping clients!

At this point you want to begin putting your packages together, pricing your offer, and reaching out to potential clients and pitching your services. This is often where many new social media managers can get stuck. That’s why I created my signature coaching program, Virtual Visionary Coaching. This coaching program is designed to help you get your brand new social media management business set up and ready to begin taking clients in just 3 months! DM me the word “START” on Instagram @kara_cahill and let’s chat to see if this is the right fit for you! Ready to get started, book your FREE strategy session HERE.

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