October 25, 2021

The two things you must have if you want to make sales online When it comes to making sales online, you need to have your automated sales system in place to turn leads into buyers. Transcript: Welcome back to another episode of the Virtual Visionary Podcast! I’m your host, Kara Cahill, and today we are […]

The two things you need for online sales

October 11, 2021

Understanding success and failure as an online business owner Entrepreneurship is filled with so much success and failure, especially when you are first starting out. Though we are always striving for success, we need to learn to reshape our mindset around failure as well so that we can continue to learn and grow as online […]


September 30, 2021

What to focus on when growing your business There are so many things to focus on when growing your business. The most important thing you should be focusing on is making sure you have an automated sales process that allows you to make sales on autopilot. Transcript: Hello and welcome back to another episode of […]

What to focus on when growing your business

September 12, 2021

Should you be focusing on growing your Instagram following or generating leads for your business? I am breaking down the difference between followers and leads and where you need to be focusing your attention in your online business. Followers and leads, which should you focus on growing? Hello! Welcome back Virtual Visionaries to another episode. […]

Followers and leads on Instagram

August 14, 2021

One of the most important online business topics and skills to have is learning how to get your Instagram followers to buy from you. How to Get Your Instagram Followers to Buy From You Serve Your Audience I want to first reframe the way you might be thinking about Instagram. If you are an online […]

How to turn your Instagram followers into buyers

August 5, 2021

Do you really need to be creating content? Welcome back Virtual Visionaries for another episode! Today we are asking the question, “do you really need to be creating content for your business?” And my answer is 100% YES! I know that was probably not the answer you wanted to hear because I know that creating […]

Creating content for Instagram

July 30, 2021

You are more than your metrics There are so many metrics that we measure as business owners. We measure our follower count, our website views, email list size,  our likes and comments, and the list goes on and on. It is important to remember to take a step back and remind yourself that you are […]


June 24, 2021

Your path to success might look a little different than you might have imagined. Your path to success might be a little different than you imagined. Maybe you imagined starting your business and working with dream clients in a certain industry, offering a certain set of services or selling a certain type of product and […]


March 23, 2021

Are you posting “everywhere” but your business is not actually growing? I am debunking the myth that posting on more platforms is the secret to success online, and I am giving you a much easier plan for faster growth and bigger results in your online business! What we covered in this episode: – Why posting […]


March 16, 2021

Do you need to start an email list but you have no idea where to begin? In today’s episode of the Virtual Visionary Podcast, I am sharing the 3 simple steps to get your email list up and running so you can start growing your most profitable business asset, your email list! What we covered […]


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