4 best practices for Instagram engagement

Instagram engagement kara CahillEngagement is the number one thing that will lead to authentic growth on Instagram, but where do you even start? Check out these 4 best practices for Instagram engagement!

1. Respond to all comments

Be sure to respond to all comments on your posts. Try to be active on the app when you post and respond to all comments. By doing so, people are more likely to continue to engage with your future posts when they know that you take the time to respond and engage with them.

2. Comment and like posts on relevant accounts

Find accounts that are similar to your own or are your ideal clients. “Like” their photos and post genuine comments. Don’t just say “great” or “nice”, take time and type out a thoughtful comment. These accounts will take notice and might check out your page and engage with your posts or maybe choose to follow you.

3. Engage with relevant hashtags

Take a few minutes to seek out new accounts by using relevant hashtags. Find hashtags that your ideal client would be using and target those accounts. Engage with those accounts, in a genuine way of course, and you may even discover some amazing accounts that you will choose to follow and grow your connections!

4. Be authentic and build connections

Finally, I know I probably sound like a broken record, but the most important key to success on Instagram is being authentic! Share authentic posts and engage with your followers in an authentic way. Think through your comments to others, build connections and make social media social again! Your followers know when you are taking time to make authentic connections and will become your most loyal followers when they sense you are real and authentic.

Feel like your social media game could a bit of help? Get in touch and let’s chat about how we can take your Instagram to the next level!

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