7 Places to make sales on Instagram

If you are an online business owner, you most likely want to learn how to make sales from your Instagram account, right? You are creating tons of content and showing up consistently so you want to make sure that you are actually moving the needle in your business as a result.

The good news is that Instagram is one of the BEST platforms available for driving traffic and making sales while also building connection with your audience because it literally gives you all the tools you need to make it happen, video, graphics, writing, messaging and more!

So if you are looking to up your IG game, here are 7 places to drive more traffic from Instagram to your website/offers so you can make more sales.

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7 places to make sales on Instagram


Make sure your bio is optimized to drive traffic to the link in your bio by clearly stating who you help and how you get them their desired transformation


Create high value content that inspires your audience to take action and click the link in your bio.


Create an evergreen highlight that will continue to drive traffic to your freebie/course/website without you needing to create more content or promotions!


Get on camera, add tons of value and then direct your audience to your link in bio for your freebie/offer.


Create a great video, mention how your audience can go deeper with you, add a link in the description of the video.
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Get on live, have amazing conversations with your audience, let them know to click the link in your bio or verbally tell them the link you want them to go to (make sure it is easy to say, ex. karacahill.com)


Create connections and conversions in your DM’S by identifyingΒ 
what someone is struggling with and how you can add massive value by sending a direct link to blogs/videos/freebies/offers!

Need help getting all this content planned out? I got you covered!
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