What is your content superpower?

💫What’s your Instagram Content Superpower? Let’s find out!

✨Everyone has a superpower when it comes to Instagram!

😬If you have been feeling overwhelmed trying to do ALL the things…and by ALL the things I mean…

….writing captions everyday

….trying to show up on stories

…editing photos

…creating graphics

…recording videos

…editing videos

…the list goes on but you catch my drift.

It is times to say GOODBYE to the content overwhelm and find your content superpower instead!🙌

The beautiful thing about Instagram, is that it allows you to create so many different types of content that you can really begin publishing content that plays to your strengths!

When you start creating content that you enjoy, content creation becomes FUN and EASY.

So let’s find your content superpower…

Do you love:

🖊️Writing? Focus on writing captions. Think of your captions almost like a micro-blog and really give helpful tips, tell stories, and giv your audience quick wins.

🎬Video? If you love being on camper and creating videos, focus on IGTV and IG Stories. Create long-from videos sharing more in-depth content on your IGTV and then create micro-videos for IG stories and share more of a look behind the scenes as you let your followers see you in a bit more candid.

If you love video editing, you can get really creative and start using video editing tools to make some really amazing and entertaining content!

🎨Graphics and Design? Focus on creating infographics and high quality photos. Use your images to share the story and add a quick summary as the caption!

You can use tools like Canva for creating graphics and tools like Lightroom to edit your photos and give them a professional look!

🖥️Teaching? Love teaching but don’t love being in front of the camera? Create tutorials instead!

Flip the camera around and show your audience what you are doing! Explain how you use a tricky tech software or how you plan out your schedule using your favorite planner.

With Instagram, the list is really endless but the moral of the story is:


Find what type of content you enjoy creating and do more of that!


If you need help creating and executing your content plan, head to the link in my bio and download your FREE copy of the Content Curator Planner!

So- what is your content superpower?

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