š†š«ššš› š¦š² Fš«šžšž CšØš§š­šžš§š­ Pš„ššš§š§šžš« and start mapping out your content strategy that converts! 

Instagram can be a fickle friend and social media burnout is a real thing! I know how easy it is to get frustrated with Instagram and when it seems like no matter what you do…you still aren’t getting the results you want. Let’s change your mindset with these three golden rules for Instagram.
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The Golden Rules of Instagram marketing Be consistent by Kara Cahill

šŸ. ššž šœšØš§š¬š¢š¬š­šžš§š­

As with all good things in life, consistency is key! You can’t go to the gym one day and expect to have abs…it would be amazing, but it doesn’t work that way.
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Same thing with IG, the more you show up, the bigger the results will be. This is probably one of the most important Golden Rules for Instagram because this is where most people want to give up and throw in the towel because they don’t see results and therefore start to take their foot off the gas.

Instead, that is the time to keep being consistent, keep showing up and keep providing value because results are right on the other side of consistency.

The Golden rules of Instagram Be patient by Kara Cahill

šŸ. ššž š©ššš­š¢šžš§š­

Instagram is the long game, this is not a get rich quick play. Growing a loyal audience and building trust takes time.Ā 

I like to think of making connections on Instagram like making new friends. You don’t meet someone new and decide on the spot that you are going to trust them and share all of your secrets with them. Relationships and trust take time to build. It takes consistently showing up, and not rushing things. (No one likes cold pitches in their inbox).
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Your audience needs time to get to know you, like you and trust you before they decide to spend their money with you. Be patient and know that the results from the work you put in now will pay off down the road!

golden rules of Instagram be social

šŸ‘. ššž š¬šØšœš¢ššš„

The final rues is to remember, Instagram is all about relationships! Start connecting with your audience, get to know them on a personal level, and watch as your account starts to grow with more and more engaged people who love you and what you do! Comment on your followers posts, send them personalized DM’s that let them know you were paying attention, support them by sharing their content and shouting them out!

I can’t tell you how many connections I have made on Instagram that have turned into genuine friendships offline as well. There are so many amazing people in this online space that are ready to connect with you! Get to know your audience, you never know who you might meet!
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The more social you are, the more fun Instagram becomes because you will have a real community behind you ready to support you the next time you are ready to launch an amazing offer!

Content Curator Planner for Instagram Kara Cahill

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āž”ļø If you need help staying consistent and creating valuable content that your audience wants to see…š†š«ššš› š¦š² Fš«šžšž CšØš§š­šžš§š­ Pš„ššš§š§šžš« and start mapping out your content strategy that converts!Ā 

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