Instagram Bio Essentials

Today we are talking about why a Boss Babe Instagram Bio is so essential for your business and the 4 things your bio needs to convert new followers into email subscribers and buyers for your online business.

What we covered in this episode:

– Why your Instagram bio is so important

– How to understand your ideal customers and tweak your messaging

– 4 Essentials for a Boss Babe Instagram Bio

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Welcome back virtual visionaries, thanks for tuning back in…I am excited for today’s episode because if you have been wondering what the heck to put in your bio or if you have been wondering how to convert new followers into subscribers and buyers for your business, this episode is for you because we are talking about how to create a boss babe Instagram Bio!

So, I want to take a step back and actually remind you how important your instagram bio is for your overall instagram strategy. Yes, it is only 150 characters but it is crucial for capturing new followers and converting them from the very beginning….let me explain.

So I want you to think about how you use instagram as a consumer who is looking for a certain product/offer, I am going to give you an example from my own life that I just experienced. I was looking for a meal subscription service that was going to be healthy, pre-made and delicious. I am a very picky eater and hate cooking so I was searching for something that would be healthy and that I could pop in the microwave and still taste good. So I was searching a few things on instagram and this company called Mosaic foods popped up and their bio said something along the lines of “making healthy easy” which was exactly what I was looking for, and then I scrolled through a few of their IG photos and their meals looked delicious….a few minutes later I was a customer and I am now obsessed with their meals. 

The point that I am making here is that their bio stood out to me because they quickly said the exact phrase I had said to myself, I wanted food that was healthy and easy…and within seconds I saw photos of meals that I knew I would like….given my picky eater status.

That is what you want your Instagram profile to do, you want it to quickly convert a brand new person, who has never heard of you or your brand before and be so compelled by what you do that you are able to turn them into either a customer or an email subscriber so that you can continue to follow up with them and eventually turn them into a customer. 

So how do you actually do that. There are a few things. You first want to identify what your ideal customers are actually struggling with. Not what you think they are struggling with…you want to know exactly how they phrase what they are struggling with. So given my example, I was struggling with eating healthy because most other options were time consuming or complicated. So their solution: Frozen meals that were easy and healthy…sold. They knew exactly the words that I was using to describe my problem so when I landed on their account, I knew they were the company that I wanted to buy from because they understood my problem and they created the perfect solution.

So you really want to get to know your audience, talk with them in the DMs, read their comments and see how they are describing their problems, when you are doing calls with people, listen to their exact phrasing of their problems and jot those words and phrases done….that is gold for your messaging!

Not that you really understand your audience, you next want to craft your bio in a way that connects and converts. 

There are four main things you want to include in your bio:

1.Who you help

2.Their desired result

3.The solution you provide

4.Call to action

Here is my own bio example, I help online entrepreneurs make more sales on Instagram with simple sales funnels Watch the free IG sales masterclass.

So let’s break it down: I called out  who I help or my ideal client, which in my case was busy entrepreneurs. You want to make sure you do this so that people know your profile is for them and that they are in the right place. This just helps them connect with you faster.

Then you want to describe that desired result you help people achieve. In my bio here I know my ideal clients want to learn to make more sales on Instagram. In my food subscription example they knew their ideal clients wanted easy and healthy food options. So you want to make sure that you call out the result you help people achieve.

Then you can include the actual solution, or your secret sauce so to speak. So for me, I help people build sales funnels and that is how I get them to make more sales on Instagram. For the food company, they have premade frozen nutritious meals. So how do you get people results? 

The other option here, instead of saying the solution you provide, you can also say the roadblock you help people avoid and still get their result. So for example, I might say, I help people make more sales on Instagram without posting everyday. I have heard my audience say that creating content is their biggest frustration or roadblock, so I teach them a solution that helps them avoid aht. This is powerful because it also helps people build trust with you because it tells them that you know what their blocks are and that you are going to give them a solution that avoices them. 

For example, If you are a weight loss coach and you say, I help college women keep off the freshman 15 without giving up fun nights with friends…that is going to peak their interest because they might have worried that they would have to give up nights with friends if they booked with you. So right away this allows you to overcome a big objection.

So either making sure you include your solution or the roadblock you avoid is powerful in your bio. 

And then last but not least, the call to action, which is used to get them to click that link in your bio and get them to convert into either an email subscriber or a buyer. So you want to tell them the benefit to clicking that link in your bio.

Remember, people typically don’t want to leave instagram once they are using the app so you have to create a compelling reason to get them to click that link and take a desired action.

So saying something like: Click for the free masterclass or download the free guide, or click for whatever it is that they would want. You want to give them the action, tell them what they will get if they click that link and really have fun with it and get them excited to click that link.

Okay so let’s recap the 4 essentials for your boss babe instagram bio:

  1. Who you help
  2. The result you get them
  3. The solution you provide
  4. Call to action

Now my call to action for you for this episode is to get out there and create your boss babe instagram bio so you can start converting people as soon as they land on your profile!

Also, if you want to learn how to use your Instagram profile to make more sales for your business, make sure to check out my free masterclass where I am walking you through my signature method for a high converting Instagram strategy. Head to to save your seat!

Thanks so much for tuning in this week, I will talk to you all soon!

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