How often should you post on Instagram?

Today, I am answering one of the most common questions I get asked, which is “How often should you post on Instagram each week?”. Find out in this week’s episode.

What we covered in this episode:

– Why you don’t need to post as frequently as you might think

– Why posting too much might actually be hurting your Instagram account

– How to avoid Instagram burn out

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Transcript: How often should you post on Instagram?

Welcome back Virtual Visionaries, I am excited to dive into today’s episode because today I am answering one of the most common questions I get asked when it comes to Instagram and that question is “How often should I be posting to Instagram each week”.

And I love this question because I feel like my answer always ends up relieving so much stress for people, because the answer is, you do not have to post on Instagram as frequently as you might think.

So to share my own experience with this, when I first started my Instagram profile, I was posting content every single day. I would come up with the ideas, write out the captions, find the perfect photos to go with the caption, edit the photos, source the hashtags and schedule every post for the week and let me tell you, this process took HOURS. At the time I was still working at my 9-5 job at the bridal shop so after a long day at work, I would come home and frantically try to post something to IG. After a few months of doing this and getting stressed if I forgot to post one day and constantly worrying that my audience would forget about me and the algorithm would penalize me….I took a step back because I was honestly on the edge of Instagram burn out and if I got to that point, it would end up serving no one, not myself, not my audience, so there was no point to letting that happen.

So basically out of necessity I started posting less, but what ended up happening naturally was the posts that I started creating were super strategic, each one was created with a goal and a strategy in mind so that I knew that they would get alot of bang for their buck since I was posting less

And what actually ended up happening was those posts did really well and my account actually started growing quicker than it did when I was posting every single day.

So what I found was happening was that since I was spending my time creating fewer higher quality posts, I started to get more engagement, I started having my content be shared and saved by more people and the algorithm started favoring my content.

When you are creating that quality content, the algorithm begins to work for you instead of against you. You have to remember, the Instagram algorithm is there to make sure that Instagram users are having the best possible experience on the platform so they keep hanging out on the platform longer. Therefore, if instagram sees a post that does really well and is getting alot of engagement, they are going to keep pushing that post out and showing it to more and more people. On the flip side, if your post is not super high value or strategic and doesn’t end up getting alot of engagement, that signals to the algorithm, “Hey people arn’t enjoying this post as much, lets not keep pushing it”

The mistake I was making and that I see many entrepreneurs making is that they are stuck on this content hamster wheel of creating “filler content” which are really just those very generic, posts that don’t have a strategy behind them other than to check off a to-do list box saying that you posted today and the algorithm ends up working against you and that time spent creating that post was not time well spent.

When you are simply creating content just for the sake of creating content you are not using your time wisely and ask entrepreneurs, our most valuable resource is time so we want to make sure that the time we are spending creating content really is going to give us a return on that investment.

So my biggest tip for you today is to remember quality over quantity when it comes to Instagram. Ask yourself realistically, how many posts am I realistically able to create without sacrificing quality? If that is just 3 per week, great! As you get better at content creation or as your team grows and you are able to hire on help with content then you can increase that number, but if it is just you in your business and you are feeling all this pressure to pump out content everyday, hopefully this helps relieve you of some of that pressure because I would so much rather have you post less times per week vs putting the pressure on yourself to post everyday and burning out and giving up on Instagram all together!

So I hope that helps, and as always, if you are thinking about getting serious with your Instagram strategy and implementing a system that helps you start getting more leads and customers from Instagram make sure to check out my free masterclass, how to make more sales on Instagram without posting everyday where I will teach you my 3-step framework for turning a new follower into a paying customer. You can watch the training on demand at

Thanks so much for tuning in and I will talk to you next week!


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