How selling digital products can transform your business

Have you been thinking about adding digital products to your business but you are not quite sure if it is the right move? Are you capped out with your “done for you” services and are looking for a way to grow your income and impact? We are talking all about why adding a digital offer to your business can be a complete game changer.

What we covered in this episode:

– How adding an online course completely transformed my business

– Things to consider when adding a digital products to your business

– 3 reasons why adding an online course can help you grow your business

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Transcript: How selling digital products can transform your business

Welcome back virtual Visionaries, I am so happy to have you join me for today’s episode because today we are talking about why having a digital product, such as an online course, membership, digital downloads, etc. can be so beneficial for your business.

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So back to why having a digital product or offer can completely transform your business. First, I want to go back to the beginning of my business and share how things looked a little different than they do now. So back when I started my business, I originally was offering Virtual Assistant and social media management services. This meant that I would work 1:1 with clients in a “Done for you” capacity, meaning that I would take over their social media and I was responsible for creating all the content, coming up with the strategy, engaging with their audience, and so on. 

I was able to quickly book clients because there was a huge demand for this and I was so excited that I was actually getting paid to work online that I was not actually paying attention to how burnt-out I started to get. I would have picky clients that would want their content completely redone, I had clients that would randomly text me about last min projects and I started to realize that first, I was undercharging, but second that my business was completely reliant on my time. I was stuck in this trap of trading time for dollars, where I only got paid if I was working on client work….and that my business was completely reliant on my energy and eventually my income was capped because I had no time left in the day to take on more clients so I was stuck at an income ceiling that I wasn’t happy with and didn’t know how to break through it.

So I decided to pivot my business and create my first digital products which was super exciting and also super scary at the same time.

I hunkered down, created the course content, it took a few weeks to put everything together, but the beauty happened after I was done and I then had a product that I could sell continuously. I have now created multiple digital products, and I will tell you the feeling of waking up with notifications on my phones saying I made sales while I was sleeping literally never get old, it is the most amazing feeling in the world.

So just to recap why adding a digital products to your business can be such a good move.

  1. It is a one and done , for the most part. Once you build out your digital products, you then are able to sell it continuously without having to constantly be in creation mode. Of course you might need updates or maintenance, but for the most part once your offer is created the upfront time investment will pay off when the sales begin rolling in.
  2. It is also scalable, meaning that there is no limit to how many people can work with you. Where as with your services, you are always going to find a cap when it comes to your time and the amount of clients you make and therefore how much you can make in your business. With a digital course, you could potentially serve thousands of people, making a bigger impact while also having the ability to grow your income as well.
  3. It becomes passive income, when you have your sales funnel set up correctly you can be generating sales with little to no work, meaning you can literally be walking on the beach, hanging by the pool or springing time with your kids and you are able to make sales. Yes, you will need to do the marketing aspect to attract leads into your sales funnel but the sales funnel itself does most of the heavy lifting for you, and if you are listening to this and are not quite sure what a sales funnel is, make sure to listen to my episode called “what the heck is an Instagram sales funnel” where I explain what that sales funnel process actually looks like.

I know from personal experience that adding a digital product has completely transformed my business and also helped me break out of the “9-5” mentality of trading time for dollars and allowed me to play a bigger game in my business.

If you are thinking about adding a digital product to your business, send me a DM on Instagram @kara_cahill and tell me what type of offer you are thinking about! I would love to hear your ideas and what you’re thinking about for your business!

And if you already have a digital product and need help making more sales, make sure to sign up for my free masterclass where I walk you though my signature 3 step formula for making more sales on Instagram with an Instagram sales funnel. Head to and you will get instant access to the free training.

Thanks for tuning in today, catch you on the next episode!

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