3 Simple steps to starting your email list

Do you need to start an email list but you have no idea where to begin? In today’s episode of the Virtual Visionary Podcast, I am sharing the 3 simple steps to get your email list up and running so you can start growing your most profitable business asset, your email list!

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What we covered in this episode:

– How to create an irresistible lead magnet

– Creating a welcome sequence for new subscribers

– How to grow your list and find new subscribers

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Transcript: 3 Steps to starting your email list

Welcome back to another episode of the Virtual Visionary Podcast! If you have been following me for a while you know that I am a big believer that every online business owner needs to be growing their email list. I remember when I first started my business and I would listen to all these podcast hosts and big marketing gurus talking about how important their email list was and why everyone needs to have one, and I remember completely tuning out because I remember thinking “i’m new, I don’t need an email list yet” I remember thinking I am focusing on Instagram so I don’t need an email list…but honestly I think the root of the cause was that I just had no idea how to even start an email list and it sounded scary and daunting to me so I just tuned it out for so long…until eventually I couldn’t tune it out anymore and said, okay I am just going to give it a try and start one.

I remember instantly worrying about how I would get subscribers, what would I even send them and how the heck to even get started!

If you are nodding your head and wondering those same things, today’s episode is for you because I am going to be walking you through the 3 simple steps to setting up your email list so that you can start growing your most profitable business asst. And if you are still not quite sold on the idea of starting an email list, make sure to go back and listen to the episode all about why you need to start you email list.

So, before I jump into any project I like to start with the end in mind. So I want you to think about what your end goal for your email list is.

If you are a business owner, you most likely want to generate a pool of warm leads that express an interest in your business and that you can pitch your offers to without algorithms getting in the way!

So if your end goal is to ultimately generate leads….the first step is to create what is called a lead magnet.

You might have heard people call this a freebie, free resources….but essentially what this is is something that you are going to give away for free in exchange for their email address so they can join your email list. The lead magnet is designed in a way to attract warm leads of people who are interested in learning more about what you do, hence the name lead magnet.

Now some great examples of lead magnets are free guides or roadmaps, webinars or masterclasses, templates and checklists…the list really goes on and on but you want to ultimately think about your ideal clients and think….what would excite them! What would they happily exchange their email address for? You know your audience best, so think about the questions they ask you, or things that you see they are excited about using…turn that into a lead magnet that your people are excited to get from you!

The next step is to set up a simple automated email welcome sequence that will automatically send to your new subscribers.

This is a great way to warm up your new leads, let them know who you are, what your about and what you offer. A quick example of what this might look like would be email #1 you deliver your lead magnet, email #2 you share your story and welcome them to your community #3 you share your offers or services. This is obviously super simplified and inside my programs I explain the entire email sequence process and help my students build their own but you get the idea. You want to quickly follow up with your new subscriber and get them excited to see you in their inbox so that they will continue to open up your emails in the future.

The last step is simply to start promoting your lead magnet everywhere, start spreading the word and getting your first few email list subscribers!

There are endless places that you can share your lead magnet, but I will share just a few fun ones. Obviously, you want to put it in the link in your bio on Instagram, create a few promo posts about your lead magnet, share some stories to get people interested and maybe even create a highlight on your profile dedicated to your lead magnet, that way new followers will always be able to quickly learn about your lead magnet and opt-in and grab it.

Another great way to share is to create pins on pinterest. Create a few different pins and start posting it on pinterest, if you are using tailwind that is a great way to really grow your reach.

If you have a facebook group, you can post about it in the description, and if you don’t have a facebook group of your own you can be on the lookout for promo posts in other peoples facebook groups. In my Virtual Visionary Facebook group I occasionally have dedicated promo days where members can share their lead magnets which is always fun to support other community members

So just to recap, the 3 steps for starting your email list, 1 you want to create your irresistible lead magnet, #2 you want to set up your automated welcome sequence to warm up new subscribes and welcome them to your community and #3 you want to shout about your lead magnet from the rooftops and start growing your list!!

As always, don’t forget to watch my free training all about how to make more sales from instagram, and spoiler alert, I talk all about email lists in the training as well so head over to karacahill.com/freetraining to access the masterclass!

Thanks so much for tuning in, I will talk to you next week!

3 simple steps to starting your email list

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