Why posting “everywhere” is hurting your business

Are you posting “everywhere” but your business is not actually growing? I am debunking the myth that posting on more platforms is the secret to success online, and I am giving you a much easier plan for faster growth and bigger results in your online business!

Posting everywhere - Virtual Visionary Podcast

What we covered in this episode:

– Why posting more content on more platforms is hurting your business

– How I was able to see quicker results by focusing on one platform instead of being everywhere

– How to switch from posting everywhere to going “all in” on one platform

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Transcript: Why posting “everywhere” is hurting your business

Welcome back virtual Visionaries! I hope you are all having a fabulous week and thank you so much for joining me for today’s chat because it is about a super important topic and a mistake that I see so many entrepreneurs making. As online business owners we all are looking for growth, business growth, follower growth, email list growth, income growth, personal growth…and the list goes on and on of course. So we all want to grow…but often, many people are doing things that they believe are going to help them grow and in fact it actually slows their growth.

Let me explain. So let’s say you are looking to grow your business and you want to make more sales of your online product. What I see most online business owners do is that they say okay, I want to reach the maximum number of people because if I can get the word out about my business to more people, the more changes I have of someone wanting to buy from me. So with that mentality in mind, they go out and they start creating content…for every social media platform. They post on their Instagram grid, they do a story, they go live, they do an IGTV and a reel…which leaves them exhausted, but they are only just beginning. Then they go to their Facebook page, their facebook group and then other peoples facebook groups and post there too. They go on linkedin, youtube, podcast and of course the newer and trendier tik tok and clubhouse. 

Just saying all of that literally burns me out so I can’t even imagine creating that much content.

And I get it, if you are able to reach more people of course you do optimize your chances of getting more eyes on your offers and your business.

However….is that really sustainable and the even bigger question is, does posting everywhere actually result in new leads and sales for your business.

You see, the problem is when you are spreading yourself thin across all of these different platforms, you are most likely not able to master any of them. Each platform has different strategies, different growth tactics and different ways to optimize your conversion, so if you are not able to really understand and be very strategic on each of these platforms, it is likely you are creating content that is just going to end up getting ignored and then you have ultimately done all of this work for very little results and that can quickly lead to burn out!

So instead of trying to be everywhere, I am going to suggest that you pick 1-2 social media platforms and go ALL IN on them. When I first started my business I decided to go all in on Instagram. I was able to quickly grow a following and turn those followers into clients which helped me be able to leave my 9 to 5. Back when I was working full time there would have been no way for me to try and learn all of these different platforms, let alone actually create content for all of them.

As entrepreneurs, we have to be protective and strategic with our time because there are often a million and one different tasks, platforms and things in your business that are all vying for our attention. So when you are able to get super clear on where you are going to spend your time and energy and put all of your effort into doing one thing really well, that is when the results will come.

Think about it this way. If you are able to spend 1 hour a day on your business and you spend that hour broken up between 4 different platforms, that is only 15 mins per platform, that is barely enough time to create a post and answer a few DM’s. Imagine the difference if you were to spend that entire hour on Instagram and post to your grid, create a story, answer your dms and engage with new followers….that is going to be such a better use of your time!

And this is not to say that you can’t eventually be on more platforms…but if it is just you in your business and you are limited on your time and you are not seeing the results you are wanting, I am going to encourage you to start with one platform at a time. Learn it inside and out, learn the different strategies and tactics that are specific to that platform. Learn what  type of content your audience responds to on that platform because it might be different across different platforms. Learn how to convert your audience into email subscribers and buyers first and then once you have a good flow and strategy for that platform, then you can add in another one and do the same thing. There is no point being on a platform if it is not going to get you results….that is when you end up on the content hamster wheel with zero results and lots of frustration! 

So my action item for you for this episode is to decide which platform you are going to go all in on and spend your focus and attention to start seeing results! If you are deciding to use Instagram, feel free to take a screenshot of you listening to this episode and share it to your stories and tag me in it and I will give you a shoutout on my stories so you can start getting some momentum going!

As always, if you are super serious about learning how to start making more sales online without having to post content 24/7, make sure to watch my the full masterclass over on karacahill.com/freetrainng where I walk you through my 3 step system for converting followers into buyers online! It is completely free so head to karacahill.com/freetraining to watch it on demand!

Thanks so much for tuning in, I can’t wait to chat with you next week!

Posting Everywhere - Virtual Visionary Podcast

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