Do you really need to be creating content?

Do you really need to be creating content?

Welcome back Virtual Visionaries for another episode! Today we are asking the question, “do you really need to be creating content for your business?” And my answer is 100% YES! I know that was probably not the answer you wanted to hear because I know that creating content can be time consuming but I know that deep down you understand the value of creating strategic content for your business. 

Did you hear what I said there, strategic content. I definitely do not want you creating content for the sake of creating content where you end up with a bunch of fluffy posts that leave you burnt-out and exhausted without any results. That is not what we are talking about here. We are talking about creating content that strategically warms up your audience, build the know, like and trust factor and gets them interested in what you are selling and excited to begin working with you and gets them sending you messages letting you know that they are interested so that you can begin filling your sales funnel with warm leads who have raised their hand and said, yes, I want to learn more!

That is the power of strategic content! When done correctly, creating content strategically will first allow you to grow your audience on social media. That audience on social media then grows and builds your email list, which hopefully you have listened to my past episode all about email list building so you know how important your email list is and how it is your most profitable asset in your business. So therefore if you are growing that email list you are then in turn generating more sales and clients for your business which is ultimately the end goal.

Ultimately, creating content grows your following, your email list and your sales.

Sales are the lifeblood of your business so sales should always be at the forefront of all of your business decisions. If you don’t have sales, you just have an expensive hobby so you want to make sure that you are comfortable selling as a business owner, I will definitely do another episode all about that. But you always want to be creating content with the end goal of moving someone from a brand new follower into an excited buyer and the best way to do that is through your content.

Content marketing is one of the best and most effective forms of marketing in my opinion that we have today. 

Basically, when you create content on social media, you have the potential to reach millions of people all for free. What other form of marketing allows you to connect with that many people for free? You don’t have to buy an ad in a magazine or spend crazy money making a tv commercial. Your audience is more than likely making buying decisions on Instagram, I forget what the statistic is but it is a crazy statistic about how many people have bought something they saw on Instagram. I know that I have bought so many things, and hired so many coaches and service providers all because I saw a piece of their content and thought, I need to work with them! 

They didn’t spend any money to market to me, and they got a customer just because they spent the time creating content that was valuable to me and strategic for them.

That is the power of content creation and why I truly believe that as business owners we need to be creating strategic content in order to grow our audience, our email lists, our businesses and our sales!

I would love to know if you agree, if you believe that content marketing is the most powerful form of marketing there is today and that we, as entrepreneurs and business owners should be taking advantage of it, send me a DM on IG and let me know what you think @kara_cahill on Instagram, I would love to chat with you more there. And I look forward to talking with you all soon!


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