What is the best social media marketing platform for growth?

What is the best social media marketing platform for growth?

Have you ever wondered what is the best social media marketing platform for growth? In this episode, I share my favorite social media platform for online business owners. You’ll also learn why this platform is incredibly powerful for audience growth and making sales for your virtual business.


Hello Virtual Visionaries, welcome back to the podcast! Today, I want to answer a question that I see so many online business owners struggle with. It is one of my biggest pieces of advice that I love to share because it is one of the things that allowed me to see success early on in my business!

So the question is, where should I start marketing my business if I am just starting out? This question probably seems easy enough because, of course, there are plenty of platforms you can begin marketing on. But the real question is where should I start marketing if I am starting totally from scratch? Because we all have limited time and can’t show up everywhere.

Sure, it’s important to consider which platform has the best tools for your marketing needs. Yes, you could technically start marketing on ALL of those platforms at once – create a podcast, Facebook, Youtube, etc. However, if you are just starting out then you might not have a solid grasp of the intricacies of each of those specific algorithms and platforms,

And if you don’t have a team to help you repurpose and post consistently, posting everywhere from day one is typically a recipe for burnout!

So my biggest piece of advice is this: if you are just starting out and want to go all-in on one marketing platform to get you the most bang for your buck, I would recommend starting with Instagram. Sure, I might be a bit biased. That is what I teach and that is what my business focuses on. However, there are a few reasons that I truly believe that Instagram is the most powerful marketing platform no matter what stage of business you are in.

First of all, Instagram gives you all the tools you need to be successful in making sales. They give you the option to share videos, images, go live, send direct messages, share links, and more. And the platform even appears to be adding more and more features that are going to be even more beneficial for online marketers which is really promising.

Instagram gives you all the tools you need to grow your audience and turn that audience into customers.

It really is amazing that they provide you with so many tools. If you love videos then go live, or create reels. If you love writing, create long-form captions or carousels. If you are into graphics then share graphics or curate your feed. If you want to close the sale, get in the DMs and send a voice memo or a video message. Send links via your DMs or even your Instagram stories. Literally, the list of options and opportunities is endless. This is why I feel so strongly that Instagram is the all-in-one marketing platform and should be where you focus your efforts when you begin your business – and even as you continue to grow!

I also like Instagram because if you are starting from square one and you have absolutely no following or audience, (which is where I was when I first started my business) Instagram really allows you to grow your audience very quickly. It is designed to make connections. If you are strategic, you can quickly cultivate and grow an audience and reach new people very quickly.

Instagram allows you to use targeted hashtags and be discovered on their hashtag pages. Instagram also allows you to engage more casually with other users – which is huge.

For example, think about if you were to just send someone you didn’t know on Facebook a friend request. It seems like a much bigger ask and, frankly, a bit uncomfortable – at least for me. 

Following someone and engaging with their content on Instagram is much more casual and “socially acceptable.” I feel like Instagram was created for these connections! It allows for more casual business connections to be made.

There are also tons of other opportunities for your content to be shared, or for you to be tagged in a post or mentioned in a story. All of these will give you the opportunity to grow your audience and get new eyes on your account. So growing your audience, if you are starting from scratch, is much easier on Instagram. Of course, it still takes effort and it’s important to have a strategic plan and strategy – which is exactly what I teach inside my signature program, The Virtual Visionary Academy.

We already touched on this a bit, but Instagram is also amazing at allowing for connections and building community online.

With features like Instagram stories you are able to bring your audience into your life with behind-the-scenes looks. You are also able to go live and have direct conversations with your followers. You can also jump directly into the DM’s with your audience and have a private 1:1 conversation. You can also add fun engagement tools in your Instagram stories and even just ask questions and ask for comments on your posts which all just allows you to connect with people and continue to build a relationship with your new followers which is so much harder to do on their platforms that don’t give you all these amazing features!

When you are using these features, you are building relationships with your audience. That is allowing you to build trust. And if you know anything about sales, trust is essential. Instagram is setting you up for success by letting you show up authentically and showcase your personality with all of these different features, and that sets you up to be the first person someone thinks about when they want to purchase what you are offering.

So, if you are just starting out or if you have limited time and you want to focus your limited efforts on one social media platform that is going to get you the furthest and give you the biggest results, I would 100 percent recommend Instagram as your main marketing platform.

And maybe you are like okay Kara I am all in on Instagram! But you have NO idea where to actually begin or how to implement a strategy or what to even post. Don’t worry! Head to my free masterclass at karacahill.com/freetraining where I am going over my 3-step social sales method. It will walk you through how to create an Instagram sales strategy that turns your followers into buyers and customers, no experience needed! Watch the training on-demand at karacahill.com/freetraining.

So go watch my training and I will see you there. Bye for now!


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