How to get your dream customers to notice you on Instagram!

Wondering how to get noticed on Instagram? You are not alone, we all want more visibility on social media. Learn how to go from the invisible instagrammer to the Virtual Visionary in your online business with this simple strategy!

How to get your dream customers to notice you on Instagram!


Hello Virtual Visionaries! I have a question for you today.

Have you ever felt invisible on Instagram? Have you ever felt like you are posting and posting and showing up on video and engaging with dream customers… and yet it feels like absolutely no one is paying attention to you, except maybe your mom or best friend?

You are not alone – I’ve been there too, and I have talked with so many entrepreneurs who feel the same way! When I first started my account, I would post every single day, I would get on IG stories and talk about my offers, but I would only get a handful of likes…one of them being my mom and then a random assortment of people who honestly had no interest in what I was offering.

As a result, I would get so jealous seeing all these other Instagrammers or other business owners put out content that was often similar to mine and get waaay more engagement. I would ask myself, you know, what gives? What is the problem?

Why am I doing the same things but no one is paying attention?

So I really started to look into and dig into why that would be, because there had to be a reason. And there was.

Ultimately, I started paying attention to what other people were doing online and what was working for them. I also started paying attention to the types of content that I was paying attention to, and the people who I wanted to buy from. 

I started asking better questions.

Instead of asking myself why no one was liking my stuff (super low vibe question – haha) I started asking what it was that makes me want to consume this other person’s content.

And when I asked myself this question and I paid closer attention, there were a few things that really made a big difference.

Number one was that these people were creating content that was highly targeted and highly curated for their dream customers. 

For instance, there was a girl who helped people launch podcasts. At the time, I had been pondering starting a podcast and I wanted to learn everything I could. So all of her content spoke directly to me and answered all of the questions I was asking myself.

I would be excited to watch her live streams,  I would always watch her IG stories and engage with her stuff because it felt like she was talking directly to me! 

She seemed to know exactly what I was struggling with and exactly where my mind was at when it came to podcasting. She also knew what objections I had and what insider secrets I wanted to know.

This is ultimately the secret to getting people to pay attention to you online. You need to know who your dream customer is, and you need to create content that speaks directly to them!

At the time, my problem was that I was creating this super generic content that didn’t really resonate with anyone. I wanted to work with anyone who was willing to pay me! That meant that my content was super broad and bland. And that meant that no one really cared. 

So, how do you actually figure out what your dream customers want to see on Instagram? 

That brings me to number two, which is – ask them! 

When it comes to content creation and getting noticed on Instagram, you don’t want to create content and pull ideas out of thin air. Your dream customers should be the ones that are giving you the content topics to create from.

Have ever asked yourself, I hope they like this post, or I think my audience feels this way, or I think they are struggling with this, or I believe they will resonate with this?

There is a better way of doing things.

You don’t want to create content ideas from your own brain, because those ideas are what you think. How your audience thinks might be very different and that might be exactly why your audience isn’t paying attention. What you believe will resonate with them might not actually resonate with them.

That is why conducting market research with your dream customers is so essential and so powerful when it comes to your content creation process, but also your business in general. You want to be creating a market research process that you work on consistently in your business so that you always have a pulse on your audience. You want to understand what they want, what content they want to see, what they need help with, what they are looking for help with and so on.

When I started conducting market research in my business and actually getting on the phone and talking with my dream customers, it was an absolute game changer for my business and my marketing. 

And that is why, inside of my signature program the Virtual Visionary Academy, we spend an entire lesson going over how to conduct market research strategically for your business, and exactly what to be looking for and asking so that you can really transform your business, marketing and messaging.

If you want to dive deeper and learn more about the market research process, getting noticed on Instagram and the entire social sales method that I teach inside of the Virtual Visionary Academy, make sure to go to and watch the free masterclass where I go step by step how to implement this method inside of your business. That’s

So yes, if you are currently feeling like an invisible instagrammer and want to get noticed on Instagram and step into your role as the virtual visionary of your business and begin creating content that connects with your dream customers every single time…if you want to learn how to create a process that elevates your messaging and gets more eyes on your business, definitely head to the free masterclass at and I will see you there!

Thank you so much for tuning in to today’s episode, I would love to hear your biggest takeaway, let me know, send me a DM over on Instagram @kara_cahill and I will talk to you next time!



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